Wedding couples

Nick and Carmen did a beautiful Tango for the first dance
Brendon and Aurial made us proud with a Rumba/Foxtrot combination.
Anlin & Denise did a Swing/Sokkie combination and played around with leading styles.  Very well done!
Andre and Denise mastered the Two Step and added a lot of their own personal style.
Etienne and Janine with their Jive to Teenage Wedding - Stunning.
This Rumba/Two Step combination complimented Walther and Megan's personalities and made a very romantic first dance
Traditional Foxtrot with top-hat, tails and cane. Well done to JP and Fiona
Dieter and Lesley - Wow, all the hard work paid off and you did the perfect Two Step.
Jono and Shereen - Such a beautiful couple, such a beautiful dance!!!

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