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Congratulations! You are getting married and you want everything to be perfect from start to finish. We will create a professionally choreographed dance for you, specific to your own special song, taking into consideration your ability, your dress as well as your personal style and preferences.*

The first dance at the reception is always a big thing. It symbolizes that the two of you will be dancing together for the rest of your lives in everything that you do.

No previous dance experience is required, regardless of age, size or fitness levels.

Please click here to view our pricelist.*

You are also welcome purchase a bridal package for the bridal party and father & mother of the bridal pair. We have different packages to accommodate every bride-to-be and we can also customize packages to suit your particular needs.

Contact us today to book your first COMPLIMENTARY consultation* to discuss a package perfect for you.


Other products and services: Social Ballroom and Latin American Dancing, Designer Childrens Clothing,Designer Childrens Bedrooms, Dancing at Corporate Functions, Group Dancing and Tiny Tots

*Terms and Conditions apply

Wedding couples

Nick and Carmen did a beautiful Tango for the first dance
Brendon and Aurial made us proud with a Rumba/Foxtrot combination.
Anlin & Denise did a Swing/Sokkie combination and played around with leading styles.  Very well done!
Andre and Denise mastered the Two Step and added a lot of their own personal style.
Etienne and Janine with their Jive to Teenage Wedding - Stunning.
This Rumba/Two Step combination complimented Walther and Megan's personalities and made a very romantic first dance
Traditional Foxtrot with top-hat, tails and cane. Well done to JP and Fiona
Dieter and Lesley - Wow, all the hard work paid off and you did the perfect Two Step.
Jono and Shereen - Such a beautiful couple, such a beautiful dance!!!
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